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We want you to do a simple comparison.

Take a look at your business’s combined social media audience and compare it to the number of people on your email subscription list. It may be slightly presumptuous, but we’re quite confident that your overall social media reach vastly outweighs your email subscription list.

It’s not like email is suddenly dead. It’s as prevalent as ever, but personal email addresses are far more elusive to obtain than social media connections.

Why Email is Still Important to Marketing Your Business

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75% of social media users claim that email is still the best way for companies to communicate with them, according to a survey done by MarketingSherpa. Furthermore, studies from WordStream show that consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t. And email subscribers are 3x more likely to share a business’s content on social media when compared to leads from other platforms, says QuickSprout.

Why do email subscriptions open up so many opportunities?

Email – especially when compared to social media – is a much more personal experience. Whereas social media messaging is generic and lost amongst the sheer mass of content in a given feed. Also, social media algorithms prevent posts from being seen by the vast majority of your audience.

In fact, according to Nate Elliott from Forrester, Facebook posts only reach people 2% of the time.

Comparatively, emails get delivered 90% of the time. What’s more, is when a client opts into your mailing list, it means you have permission to send targeted, relevant messages directly to a more interested recipient.

So, why not leverage your business’s social media reach to realize the amazing potential of email marketing? That’s not to say it’s a simple task. Instead, using your social media to build email subscriptions requires a well thought out strategy and great execution.

In our blog, we’ll be taking a close look at various social media techniques that can help send your email subscriptions to the next level.

It Starts with Management and Curation of Social Media

In order to turn your social media contingent into email subscribers, you first need the numbers on your social media account. And when you’re running a business, it can be hard to find time to effectively manage social media without the following tools:

An automated social media scheduler ensures you post all of your weekly content with the necessary messaging to push subscriptions. All you have to do is sit down once, enter your posts for the week (or even month), and that’s the last you’ll have to think about them until the next round.

Employee advocacy tools make it simple and fun for your team to share content with their own unique networks, which both expands your brand’s reach and further pushes subscriptions.

Additionally, curation tools exist so that you can share the most engaging and valuable content, building brand equity, and making your audience more open to opting in.

Best of all? These tools can all be found in the same place: at DrumUp!

Be Up Front

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Don’t feel bad about being direct.

Take a straightforward approach and simply ask your social media audience for email addresses. You won’t get opt-ins from everybody, but you’ll be shocked at how much your email subscription list will grow from a quick – and to the point – social media post.

Even if it leads to just one more subscriber, it’s still one more than you had before.

Don’t Turn the Process into Rocket Science

The digital world is one of instant gratification. By creating a process with multiple layers and confusing instructions, your social media audience won’t be particularly inclined to hand over their email addresses.

Input links and forms in a visible and obvious place. Here are a couple of examples to start with:

·   Put opt-in links into Twitter card messages

·   Dedicate a tab on your Facebook page to be an opt-in form

·   Provide pinnable, clickable offers that lead to an opt-in form on Pinterest

·   The link in your Instagram bio can lead to an opt-in form

Make Opt-Ins Worth Your Audience’s Time

Look at gathering email subscription opt-ins from your social media connections through the lens of reciprocity. Since you’re trying to get something from your audience, you need to give something in return.

Perhaps you can offer a free e-book for every opt-in. if you consider yourself a guru in your industry, host a ‘how-to’ webinar for every new subscriber. Maybe it’s as simple as providing a coupon for new members of your email list.

You’ll find, more often than not, that people are more receptive to opting into marketing emails if it comes with some form of value.

Be Part of the Conversation

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Participating in social media threads is one of the best ways for businesses to really interact with an audience. Through these interactions, you’ll seem like more of a person and less of a faceless entity.

Plus, engaging in social media conversations gives you an avenue to plug your marketing emails.

Think about it: if somebody asks a question about your product or industry, by giving a good answer you’ll already have provided value and earned trust. Then, you can let this person know that they can find out even more by subscribing to the weekly email newsletter.

Since this hypothetical person has had a positive social media interaction with you, they’ll be more likely to opt into your mailing list.


Marketing has always consisted of many layers—all of which should be firing on all cylinders to help your business truly thrive.

And all branches of your marketing can work cohesively with one another if the proper steps are taken – such as using your social media audience to grow your email subscription list.

Start by making simple tweaks to your social media strategy. Be up front and ask for subscriptions. Make it easy to subscribe and opt-in. Engage with your audience in threads. From there, your email subscriptions will become an integral lead and conversion generator for your business!

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