There are quite a few ways by which you can create multiple email addresses inside Gmail.

For instance, if your email address is , any email that’s addressed to either or will also be delivered to your main inbox since Gmail ignores dots and anything that’s after the plus symbol in email usernames.

Therefore, theoretically speaking, you get an unlimited number of email addresses with one Gmail account. This gets even more interesting if you are using Gmail with Google Apps.

Email Aliases in Gmail for Google Apps

In the case of Google Apps, you can assign nicknames to your email account and messages that are addressed to the nickname (or alias) are also delivered to you.

For instance, if you run a website at, you can have one mail email address and then setup aliases like (for blog tips), (for potential advertisers) and so on. Thus you have to deal with only one inbox.

email alias in google apps  Get Extra Email Addresses for your Gmail Account [Google Apps] email alias

To setup an email alias in Google Apps, log in to an admin (replace with your domain name) and click the “Users and groups” option.

Select the email username for which you wish to setup aliases and then click “Add a nickname” to associate another email username with this user. You may associate up to 30 different nicknames per user in Google Apps.

When you reply to an email that’s addressed to one of your nicknames, the “From” address may still have your main email address. You can however change that quite easily.

add email address  Get Extra Email Addresses for your Gmail Account [Google Apps] add email address

Open your Gmail Inbox – > Settings – > Accounts and click “add another email address you own” under “send mail as.” Type your new email alias here, verify the code and you’ll now have an option to decide which of your email addresses should show up in the “From” field.

Thus, if you ever want a new email address, you don’t have to create another user in Google Apps – just add a new nickname to your existing email address.

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